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Our sweet boar Frankie, from our first line of Tamworths. 

FENCING: Our Tamworths are raised on land we are currently clearing with the 

terms set forth in our USDA contract. 

There are a total of four acres with permanent and temporary fencing. These 

acres are divided into one- (1/2 acre) pen contained by a single wire of electric 

and another smaller pen of woven wire. The woven wire pen is used while we 

train the juvenile pigs/piglets to the electric as well as providing backup for the 

electric pen. 

The electric pen is a lot of upkeep and not suggested for those who don't have 

the time to put into the maintenance. Trees, debris, and deer can and will take 

down the electric and your pigs could get loose. It must be checked daily. The 

more area the pigs have to forage, the more likely they'll be happy to stay in 

their pen. Many variables depend on how much acreage one needs to keep 

pigs. Such as how many pigs you have or plan to have, what sizes they are, the 

type of forage in your area. A general suggestion is to have 1/3 of an acre with 

five managed intensive rotational grazing pens per two full-size pigs. 

BREEDING: We recommend breeding Tams at approximately eleven months. 

This is due to their slower maturity and growth rate as a heritage breed. A gilt 

that has not reached full maturity will not be a good mother to her piglets. 

When pen-breeding, always put the boar in with the sow. 

NUTRITION: We allow our Tams to exercise their natural abilities of being a 

great outdoor and active pig that forages for their own food. However, no pig 

can survive solely on forage alone, especially during the winter months when 

vegetation is scarce. 

We feed our pigs a diet of goat's milk, scraps, and boiled eggs, along with a 

minimal amount of grain mixed up by our local feed mill. We increase the grain 

during the winter months. We also supplement our bred, and lactating sows 

with a special feed and provide plenty of minerals for them all. 

TAMWORTH PORK: Since Tams are a leaner breed, most people are under the 

false impression the meat is not marbled. Marbling are the ribbons of fat within 

the pork that contributes to its scrumptious, mouth-watering flavor. 

We grain-finish ours for the last few weeks before processing to attain the 

desired amount of marbling. It's simply the best tasting pork we've ever had. 

Top chefs use it in their dishes. 

Below is a PQS chart used to rate cuts of pork. 

I uploaded a picture of our Tamworth pork to compare.